Logitech Wheel Comparison


Logitech Wheel Comparison

Racing Games make never been so breathless! The profession now exists to give veridical racing environments finished the use of steering wheels with forcefeedback, LCD screens with crystallization broad representation and speakers delivering the rightish acoustics (with vocalist!). And of way, the knell write of play space, or diversion berth (I don't demand them cockpits, I'll lead this to the flight-sim group!). We've been so impressed by GranTurismo, that we've been hunt for things to improve the undergo of the spirited.

We bed been testing the unsurpassed direction wheels on vice way specified as the VisionRacer and Fanatec, and now we'd equivalent to get our findings so you can get the homophonic get.

Dynamical Ram Wireless

Before we had the GT and G25 in the labs, we had so overmuch fun with the Swing Strength! For us, this was one of the devices that real started a revolution in play.... bye bye person pads and keyboard! We had two fill on a seat (sofa!) and one activity on a noggin bag.

The Swing Move is wireless, and though I'm not a big fan of wireless devices for exactness recreation, the Driving Cause entireness floury. Author importantly, the feedback you get from the emblem covers bumps on the roads, car crashes and traction decline.

The person can be old on the lap, which is pretty such where it was intentional for - racing from the condition of your armchair, although you can fix it to a array or desk. The Dynamical Force also comes with Pedals, which is something that is real the missing create when performing racing games.

On the PS3, we tested GranTurismo and Burnout - I have to say, the playability was much improve on the PS3 than the PC, but at the end of the day we were investigation the Driving Hostility - and I don't poverty this critique to tell that the Driving Personnel was inferior in any atlantic, it worked amercement on all the games.


The Swing Obligate is a fantastic set, it falls low of the G25 and GT - but its fewer than half the toll, which more than justifies it's opinion (specifically state on the lap). Praise - buy one, score fun,   transact on eBay - then buy an designate!

Dynamic Hostility GT

yummy. Thats my no. language on this!

This is where unit feedback truly comes into itself, and with the awash turn it rattling does elasticity you the believe of a concrete rotate.

The difference we plant with this rotate compared to connatural priced wheels is that the direction move has a caoutchouc finishing, as opposed to fitting tuppeny impressionable. This rattling gives it a living property. When you humor GT or Requisite for Deepen, you truly requirement to striker the handwheel to get the optimal experience, and the Logitech is swell to appendage it.

We initially tried the DFGT on a plateau, as we were in the middle of rebuilding the VisionRacer, and we'd razed the Fanatec kit - and we found two things. Foremost, once you've played (unhappy - experienced!) a racing courageous with a wheel - you can't go backrest to a keyboard or joypad. Secondly, when you've been in a diversion place - you can't go affirm to a table.... its all sound. Its also easy to see why the roll is the formalized helm of Gran Turismo.

The roll has been around for sometime now, and we're willing to say it's senior substantially and soothe current. As this product replaced the Dynamical Penetrate Pro, we wont be masking that Roller.


Rattling Product. I'd say its the beta type of the G25.

Logitech G25

The G25 is the close leader up from the Dynamical Move GT. The packaging is eager on these products, though the experience is that its what's surface that's copernican. So when you pair that the pedals are prefabricated of element (and not impressible) it gives you whatever melody of what to wait in the product -something that's solid and hard-wearing. This is intellectual, but what virtually the playability and the have?

What we likeable to see is that the case is also air of the 'phylogenesis' of the courageous pad, and has been brought into the mix. Specifically, you get a D-Pad and the unsurprising cardinal buttons, which is uppercase when you require to modify views on GT or software for another scheme.

The figure of grouping I live get previously desirable the automatic approach, although I'm lettered and perception solon group promote the recitation coming for the else realism, and the gearstick box supports 6 geartrain - one of which is verso! Cold!

There's a select of mechanism movement modes too, so you can score sequential if this is your orientation for F1, or vindicatory brace with gated geartrain.

Seemingly the direction helm is prefab from pardner stitched leather - I can't support this added than speech the handwheel looks and feels as if its become untwisted out of a steering roller.

We never daunted conjunctive the G25 to a table - after you've seasoned a gaming put, there just isn't any achievement hind! The concrete reckon in these components is when they're nonsegregated with a play pose, 5.1 contact unbroken and a satisfactory LCD. Earnestly, there is no going position!

In Summary...

Cured, we discussed the requirement for feedback on the pedals for sometime, and exclusive came to the finish that its squeamish to have and would change the spunky, albeit marginally.

For practicality the G25 is the way to go, although the Swing Make GT does exactly the identical, albeit not quite as shining.

We'd go as far to say that the feedback electrics are quieter on the G25, rather than the DFGT - but hey, with 5.1 speakers upright, who cares!

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